Mikkel Christensen (b. 1995) is a composer, artist, and writer based in Texas. Creating art that spans mediums, Christensen is a composer of acoustic and digital works, as well as writing under the name “Mr. Skeli’n”. He is completing a B.A. in Music & Technology where he has studied Composition under Andrew Brick and Alex Burtzos.

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Celestial Bodies

Location Space Throughout Omneutta Asterism Most/all Other Description Model shown using Earth continents Celestial Bodies Celestial bodies in In Extremis’ universe of Omneutta are slightly different from what we are used to seeing from planets in our solar system. Omneuttian celestial bodies are modeled after terrestrial planets like Earth or Mars. However, instead of continents … Continue reading Celestial Bodies


MapsĀ (mahps) Weight Size Value Origin Effect < 5 kg. Usually handheld 50-5,000 Lott Unknown Display location(s) Omneuttian Maps Maps in Omneutta are usually spherical objects covered in raisedĀ plates and buttons. These buttons open the projecting capabilities of the map while the plates usually direct the map on what or where to display. Some maps reverse … Continue reading Maps

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