Mikkel Christensen (b. 1995) is a composer, artist, and writer based in Texas. Creating art that spans mediums, Christensen is a composer of acoustic and digital works, as well as writing under the name “Mr. Skeli’n”. He is completing a B.A. in Music & Technology where he has studied Composition under Andrew Brick and Alex Burtzos.

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The Blade

The BladeĀ (thE-blAd) Dominant Race Sha’an Location Terrain Mountain Highland, Low Flatland Climate Highland, Humid continental Point(s) of Interest Rey’ynar’s Fortress Local Groups Southern Ridge, Western Edge Musical rendering from ‘Environmental Atmospheres’ Overview The Blade is a dystopian section of Omneutta, inhabited mostly by Sha’an. This -Space as a result is full of signs of civilizations … Continue reading The Blade

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